Community decentralized storage at hand.


We all have data. Documents we don't want to lose. Hence we use services like Google Drive, DropBox in order to get a "backup". But we should also know it's not really the best thing, as those services crawl our data. And we cannot be 100% sure there is no flaw in there infrastructure.
With fogstore, you're able to build your own backup/storage infrastructure, using your own storage or, if you trust your friends, a grid built on multiple locations.
We are currently using more and more storage. If we want to save movies we bought, we can quickly come to terabytes of data. We can of course find providers with such amount of data. But they are expensive. And we still can't be sure they are as safe as they say.
Fogstore provides a convenient way for building such an infrastructure. Gather with friends, create your own community, and share the storage. You can define who can write or not, who can access read-only. At no cost, except the very material (hard drive, low-voltage computers).
As said, we can't ensure the security is strong when we use centralized, proprietary solutions. We pay for something we can't control.
Fogstore allows you to build, consolidate and control the storage infrastructure. Using strong x509 authentication, you can ensure nobody can access the content if you don't want to.

The whole infrastructure is redundant and scalable. Should you need some more storage? Just add a new node with some storage attached. Replication is working out of the box. And you control the accesses for any part of the grid.

Key features


Providing an easy way to build the grid allows people to put their data whever they want. Using a secured, distributed filesystem ensures the user can manage access rights in a convenient way.
Sure, it uses SSL/TLS, with strong x509 certificates, and this can be cumbersome. But we want to make that easy. Scripts are provided as well as documentation.

Don't fear security for its complexity. Love it for its simplicity!


Using most modern applications and system features, we are able to decentralize storage service. We use XtreemFS. This filesystem allows many things, among them:

  • Native replication
  • Strong x509 authentication and SSL connections
  • Full decentralization
  • Multiple entry points
  • High scalability

Your data are safe. As the connections.